5 Axis Parts

Benefits You Get With High-Quality 5-Axis Machining

Sumitech has been making high-quality 5 axis machining for more than a decade. They provide 5 axis parts from 01 to 13. Each of the parts is manufactured with top-notch quality material. We are popularly known as the best manufacturer for engineering and providing 5 axis machining. Good material, perfect finishing, and durability of our machining are making it stand out in the market.

The term 5-axis basically refers to the capability of a CNC machine to shift or move a tool or a part on five different axes at a time. The 5 axis machining centers rotate in X, Y, Z, A and B axes.

Our customers are satisfied with all our machines and services. There are many benefits our clients get when using our 5 axis machining. You can get the following benefits

Better surface finish

The best part of our machine is that it provides a better surface finish with no scallops while using the flat bottom end mill. There is no need to clean it up with abrasives and elbow grease. As shorter tools do not deflect much, there is less to no chatter, which results in better surface finishes.


Our machines are more accurate as compared to other machines in the market as it is quite easy to change the setup.  It is quite evident that most of the time you try to change the setup, you get errors. But the specialty of our machines is that it allows you to set it up fewer times or just 1 time to eradicate the source of error.  So, our 5 axis machines are quite easy to set up, in fact, these machines are user-friendly.

Less competition

There are many shops who don’t even have a 5 axis machine. Having our machine will help you stand out in terms of facilities and performance. You will surely get the upper hand over other shops who do not have 5 axis machine.